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About Us

Z Squadron is a well established realism unit with strong roots in the ArmA community dating back to 14th June 2019. Z Squadron emulates the Sabre Squadron of the same name in the United Kingdom's elite Special Boat Service. We are a United Kingdom based unit but accepts people from all over the world providing they can meet the attendance requirements of the unit and speak English fluently. Z Squadron holds its events every Wednesday and Sunday at 19:30 GMT/BST.

Z Squadron prides itself on being the peak of realism in the UKSF Milsim community. We prioritise maintaining a balance of fun and realism in both training and operations for all of our playerbase.

What To Expect?

The Special Boat Service (SBS) is one of the world's most renowned maritime special forces units, with a long history of tradition. Z Squadron is tasked with many different roles such as;

  • Offensive Actions
  • Maritime Counter-Terrorism
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Applicants to Z Squadron will undergo a Joint Assessment and Selection, upon completion of the selection they will be assigned a patrol and moved onto further training modules to progress their career in the unit.

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